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September 17, 2015 |

Trump Serves Useful Purpose

After watching the second GOP debate last evening I had an epiphany. I am delighted that Donald Trump is running for president as a Republican. Why you may ask? He’s brash, insulting to women, not quite ready for prime time on the issues and so many more phrases that I won’t even bother to list. But oh my gosh has he energized my party or what! Millions of Americans are watching eleven people stand on a stage for three hours talking about each other, how they look, where their families came from, and on occasion about issues that matter to most Americans. Why? Because they are waiting for The Donald to insult, demean or...

August 27, 2015 |

What’s A Moderate Republican To Do?

I am getting daily calls from my Republican friends asking me who I am supporting for the GOP nomination. I tell them I haven’t decided and it’s still early. Next there’s the inevitable question- what about Trump? My answer? Don’t write him off yet, it’s still early. Has Trump gone from a novelty candidate to a serious candidate? He certainly is the darling of the drive-by media as Rush L. likes to call them. Why not? He’s colorful, quotable, and accessible. What’s not to love, right? But can he get the nomination and can he win in November, 2016? Who knows, it’s still early. I know this. Trump has certainly tapped into the “silent...

November 10, 2014 |

WBIR: East TN Historical Society honors Jack Hanna

(WBIR) There are some remarkable people who grow up in here and go on to do great things, and one of those people happens to be everyone’s favorite animal man, Jack Hanna. The East Tennessee Historical Society honored Hanna as the East Tennessean of the Year. Hanna is a Knoxville native who worked at the Knoxville Animal Clinic and grew up to become one of the faces of animal activism. He’s become a regular on the morning show and late-night circuit, but hasn’t forgotten where he started.  Read...

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