Seniors Coming to GOP?

Posted by on September 2, 2009 in Blog

I just left my first Town Hall of the recess season and what an exhilirating experience! Democracy in action is the only way to describe hundreds of Americans, patriotic Americans by and large, expressing their concerns, fears, and hopes to their elected United States Senator, Bob Corker.  Senator Corker himself, having been in 31 counties on this August recess, remarked on how inspirational these town halls had been for him.  “I want to go back to Washington and work harder than ever on your behalf,” he said.

What was really fascinating to me was the amount of seniors in the audience.  For once in a long time, I felt positively youthful! They are concerned about their Medicare, “death panels,” public options and the fear that they are losing what they mostly consider a great health care program.  Politically what’s interesting is that typically seniors don’t vote for Republicans in any great number. AARP has been a strong supporter of Democrat politicians and has been an effective lobby over the past few decades.  Seniors are turning in their AARP cards because of the perceived support for the President’s health reform proposal.

If the mid-term elections were held this November instead of 2010, would we see a shift of senior voters to the GOP?  Will their fervor and passion last another year?  Who knows. Voters are a fickle bunch at best but today, in Loudon County, Tennessee, I witnessed an unusual site- gray haired, angry, impassioned folks standing and cheering for Republican Senator Bob Corker.

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