Whatever Happened to Good Customer Service?

Posted by on September 10, 2009 in Blog

The worst happened this week. My computer got the dreaded blue screen three times in one day! I don’t know much about the technology of computers but I do know that when you get the blue screen, you better run, not walk, to an expert. So I did. That was Tuesday. The Computer Depot had been recommended to me by an associate so I took it to them, got down on my hands and knees and begged for help-quickly. My whole business and universe of knowledge is in there so please fix it quickly.

It’s now Thursday and they think I had one of those viruses that they always talk about. Swine flu might have been easier. Since I needed it badly and couldn’t get out there this afternoon, I sent my daughter to pick it up. I called to give them my credit card number and was promptly told they couldn’t take it over the phone. Why I asked? A. It’s just our policy. Next question, when do you close? A. 5:30. When do you open? A. 9:30 am. And oh yeah, we aren’t open on Saturday or Sunday either.

So, I asked, when do you expect someone who works to be able to pick up their computer? You don’t open until late in the morning, you close before other businesses close and you aren’t open on weekends? And oh yeah, don’t forget, you won’t take a credit card over the phone!

I confess I did lose it a little bit with the folks at The Computer Depot. I don’t normally yell at people over the phone but WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE? Clearly these guys weren’t the owner of the business or they would have figured out a way to accomodate one of their customers. I find it too often these days and I’m over it. If I ran my business like they do, I wouldn’t have any clients. And oh by the way, I don’t have my computer back either. I’m writing this on one of my partners’ retired laptops.

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