UCOR Applauded in the Oak Ridger for Speedy Enviro Clean-Up

Posted by on February 2, 2012 in Clean Energy, SRW Clients in the News

EXCERPT: There is a noticeable “buzz” around Oak Ridge.

In the Chamber of Commerce, at the Friday morning meetings of the East Tennessee Economic Council and in countless receptions around town, a frequent topic of conversation has been a series of significant accomplishments in environmental cleanup activities on the Oak Ridge Reservation.

The progress is welcome news to a community that for two decades has been trying to reverse the image created by the contamination of buildings, soil and water during the Manhattan Project and the Cold War.

With a budget of more than $400 million for 2012, the commitment by the Department of Energy to remove these environmental legacies represents the largest clean-up project in Tennessee’s history.

…Perhaps most significant, in August responsibility for the region’s cleanup projects was transferred to UCOR, a contractor that hit the ground running and that, according to DOE, already has delivered on a number of critical milestones.

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