Senator Jay Rockefeller: A Great Man

Posted by on January 12, 2013 in Blog, Lefty Loosie

I spent the greater part of my time on Capitol Hill, 4 years to be exact, working for whom I consider one of the great Senators of my time. Was he largely outspoken and on the cable news networks every night railing or supporting the political policies of the day? No, but what he was doing was working for the people he represented and making the best decisions he could for the people of West Virginia and the people of this country.

I started in his office in 2004 and as most new hill staffers do, got to tag along with him on many trips to his house and to the Capitol and White House. His name aside, what I came to know was a genuine good and caring man and someone I felt honored to work for and be around.

He was good to me and he was good to my family. I hate to see him leave, because there aren’t many like him left in the Senate that make the best decisions for their constituents and not what is necessarily politically expedient.

Jay Rockefeller, likely the last of a political dynasty

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