Crossville Chronicle: County OKs energy upgrades for complex

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Crossville Chronicle: County OKs energy upgrades for complex

Pretty big news for energy efficiency in the Southeast coming out of Crossville, Tennessee.

Crossville Chronicle: County OKs energy upgrades for complex
By Heather Mullinix

CROSSVILLE — Energy-saving changes are on the way to the Cumberland County Community Complex after the Cumberland County Commission accepted a Clean Tennessee Energy Grant.

The project includes retro-fitting the buildings with drop ceilings, new, energy efficient lighting, networked thermostats and a solar package. It’s estimated the project could save more than $12,000 each year in energy consumption and reduce HVAC energy loss by 32 percent. The solar package will generate an estimated 12,808 kWh of energy that will be sold for about $2,433 each year.

Drop ceilings will save an estimated $9,124 in operating costs and reduce the energy needed to maintain the temperature in those buildings by 32 percent, according to resolution 08-2013-1.

Cumberland County is providing about $34,000 of in-kind contributions and will also provide a cash match of $15,719.30.

The project payback is estimated at three years and six months, and includes sales of energy from the solar project. The county will recoup its cash match in one year and one month.

The Clean Tennessee Energy Grant program awarded funds to 19 recipients to assist with installation and construction of energy projects.

Jeff Brown, 8th District commissioner, moved to approve the grant award, supported by Roy Turner, 7th District commissioner. The motion was unanimously approved.
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