Trump Serves Useful Purpose

Posted by on September 17, 2015 in Blog

After watching the second GOP debate last evening I had an epiphany. I am delighted that Donald Trump is running for president as a Republican. Why you may ask? He’s brash, insulting to women, not quite ready for prime time on the issues and so many more phrases that I won’t even bother to list. But oh my gosh has he energized my party or what! Millions of Americans are watching eleven people stand on a stage for three hours talking about each other, how they look, where their families came from, and on occasion about issues that matter to most Americans. Why? Because they are waiting for The Donald to insult, demean or just insert his Gucci loafer into his mouth. This is great, right? It is because it finally has gotten the American people interested in the GOP primary. No more dullards citing statistics about the gold standard or the gross national product. This is entertainment television, made for prime time, voyuerism at its finest. And while I don’t think Trump will stand the test of time, it has certainly shone the spotlight on at least 10 others, one of whom will be our party’s nominee for president.

I would also argue that Trump’s entrance has made all of them better candidates than they would have been otherwise. He sucks the energy out of every room he enters, including the debate stage and the others have finally figured out that they have to come ready to compete, stand toe to toe with him if they are going to survive and advance. Jeb!Bush was a much better candidate/debater last evening. Chris Christie may be back in the game. Carly Fiorina was masterful. Thanks to Trump, she had some great “gotcha” moments. Marco was even more energized. Thanks to Trump, the country stopped what they were doing and tuned into CNN. Who knew the conservatives knew how to find CNN! Thanks Donald, we are a better party with you in it.

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