“Democracy Is Not Your Plaything”

Posted by on May 24, 2017 in Blog

This is the title of an article in the Wall Street Journal recently written by Peggy Noonan who I consider to be one of the best and brightest.  She starts with, “Everyone, get serious.”  No kidding Peggy.  The 100 plus days that Donald J. Trump has been President of the United States have been nothing more than turmoil.  Whose fault is that?  It’s certainly both sides of the aisle at this point.  Noonan says “the sheer gravity of the drama will demand the best from all of us. Are we up to it?”  She also writes that “every new blunder, every suggestion of an illegality, gives them pleasure.”  The “they” in this case is the Democrats, the liberals, the media, you name it.  Perhaps everyone but those who voted for President Trump.  And perhaps even some of them are now doubting their votes.  Trump, who we all hoped would become presidential when elected, continues to tweet, boast, criticize, and blunder his way across the nation and now the world.

Noonan goes on to pose the question that if Trump were to be removed as in impeachment, what would it say to the tens of millions who voted for him? ” Is democracy a con, the swamp always wins, you nobodies can make your little choice but we’re in control?”  But if he truly is not fit to be President, how much time do we let pass?  As she said, these are gut-wrenching questions and this is no time for blood lust and delight. “Because democracy is not your plaything.”  Indeed it is not.  Trump was legally elected, to the Democrat and liberals dismay.  Yes, the electoral college is the way we elect our presidents and until it’s changed, it will continue to be.  Republicans and Democrats who have represented us in Congress over the past several years can take a good portion of the blame for his victory.  The “forgotten people” who voted in 2016 were fed up with politics as usual and wanted a dramatic change in leadership.  They got it but now what do they do with it?  The hearings that will be held on Russian interference in the elections, Trump’s staff and or his own involvement, etc. will consume us for the next year or so.  In the meantime, what happens with governing the country?  What becomes of healthcare reform, tax reform, immigration policy?  Probably very little or no action.  We must get our focus on the really important issues that confront us but I don’t know how that happens with the current bloodsport going on in D.C.  Either Trump and his staff have to make a dramatic turnaround quickly or the leadership in the Congress have to step up and lead.  After all, democracy is not your plaything.


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