Public Affairs and Government Relations Case Studies


Susan Williams was contracted by the Energy Foundation to be the Southeast communications coordinator and political strategist. Susan leads a communications/media strategy for business networks in the Southeast to educate government decision makers on federal and state based climate and energy policies.


From 1996-2006, SRW & Associates worked with the developers of the downtown Knoxville waterfront in the areas of government, public and community relations as well as marketing.  Since this was such a huge undertaking, there were many facets of the project-including working with TDOT to move Neyland Drive, the Corps of Engineers to build a marina and restaurant along the Tennessee River, TVA on ground leases, and with the City of Knoxville to meet their goals and specifications for the entire development.  It was a ten-year project that led to a successful waterfront development along the north side of the Tennessee River in downtown Knoxville.


When developer Shailesh Patel wanted to build an upscale Hampton Hotel near the convention center in downtown Knoxville, he called on SRW & Associates. In order to make the numbers work, he requested a major investment by the City and County governments in the form of a Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILOT). The request was controversial because of concerns of the location and the adjacent businesses and the impact on them.  SRW & Associates successfully handled the neighbors’ concerns, got approval from both City and County and ultimately through the Industrial Development Board as well.  The Downtown Hampton is built, and is a point of pride for the area.

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Shamrock needed their contract with the City of Knoxville renewed, however controversy arose with competing vendors and threatened the future of the contract. SRW & Associates organized presentations for City of Knoxville staff, the Mayor’s office and City Council. Because of the controversy with the competitors, SRW & Associates was able to get the University of Tennessee Agriculture Department involved with testimony to City Council.  Additionally, SRW & Associates worked with the media to get correct information to the public which also impacted the decision makers.  We were successful in getting the contract renewed.